The clouds looked down upon her
The shapes looked like hearts
A symbol of connection
Between her and everyone else
She burned lovers like stars through the night
In the daytime, chemical clouds filled up her blue skies
My pillow smells like my ex-boyfriend
Come burn it for me into ashes?
Why won’t I throw it into the fire?
Because I still love him
A tower locked away a lovely, beautiful princess
She was preserved in her solitude
She didn’t used to be alone all the time
There was a time when she had a galore of lovers in this kingdom
In her tower, she burned for that light again
It hurt to loose everything at such a young age
How did this happen to the princess, you ask?
She gave arrogance a big, long kiss
She thought nothing bad could ever happen to her
A princess lunged for some real World experience
Her heart was consumed by the meanest of dragons
The creatures could smell the girl looking for fire
Anywhere nearby, she went looking for danger
To gain a story or to be a badass maybe
But the story may have gotten out of her hands
Who created the monster of Frankenstein?
Man, of course, everybody knew that
What happened in the end?
Everyone died because man couldn’t play God
She was born to be a Queen
And she wasn’t going to wait to be rescued by any man

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