Burned Emotion

I know what I must do,
Time is passing, aging and a long future,
What was done,
The damage, the pain,
It will all pass,
Like time once did and still does.
Living in the past,
Seems to last..
Emotions grow stronger,
Physical pain seems more of a pleasure,
Emotionless you lye,
Bridges once lit with the brightest street lamps,
Have burned to ash,
You see nothing,
No one, not even a speck of structure,
Yet you feel the existence of yourself,
Your emotions, your physical awareness.
You begin to see,
Its not quite as clear as the sea,
Change is expected,
Change is required.
Feelings go deeper than most.
Corrupted with so much hate,
The feeling of happiness is in reach,
Perhaps too far for grasp...

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