Burning Childhood

Our treehouse was burning
We screamed, we cried
our childish ways were brought back to life
Revived from our 14 year old selves
That were lost on our 18th birthday
Wanting to be an adult from age 5 crippled
us from this childish life
We played pretend family,
we bought little dolls,
to take care of some plastic was all that we wanted
And that's all we are now
Plastic molded to fit society, an adult of some sort
But under that plastic was a small child still afraid of the dark
that we were supposed to hide
We were filled with joy when they told us “you're hired”
even though we didn't want a job at all
When the electricity went out we cursed in our heads
cause the bill hadn't been paid
We lay in the dark,
scared because the child inside us told us to be scared
Scared because we never got to live out that fear
from our childhood because we didn't have a childhood
So there we sat there screaming, crying, wishing for our mothers
because the treehouse burning in front of us was all we had left
from the childhood we were “supposed” to have.

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