Burning Evermore

Our love survived so many storms and mad calamities
Our love was scorned by relatives and plagued by jealousies
Our love endured the test of time, apart we've had to be
I am a part of you my love and you are part of me.
No man, no child, no kin of blood
Who've dared destroy our bond
Could find success in malice such...our love lives on and on...
My heart is rich with memories, my soul contains your life
No ceremony needs to prove that I've become your wife
Our tears could fill a riverbed, yet never shall we drown
Our hearts have cried with aching love yet never shall we frown.
There is no power greater than, the love that we possess
If others see it as a crime, then guilty I confess
That every fiber of my being, belongs to only you
And if they label our love shame
Then shame me through and through!
The joy that we've experienced, the pain that we've survived
Is proof that our love still lives on and mighty passions thrive
I'll meet you in my dreams my love
You'll thrill me with your kiss
And when in body we shall meet, you'll fill this deep abyss
This throbbing ache, this hunger for, the one man I adore
No power can end our burning love...Our love burns evermore!

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