Burning Me Out

You ignited the flames and let me burn.
You let me grow higher and burn hotter.
You trailed my fire with your lighter fluid
and let me burn myself in turn.
I guess you felt the licks of the fire against your rib cage
and you grew scared.
Scared of the heated flaming love from my heart to yours,
I know you felt, you know you felt, you knew I cared.
Yet you still extinguished my fire and let me burn out.
You let me catch fire to the curtains over my eyes.
Let me destroy the place I called home in my mind,
leaving it all scarred, chalked black.
The ashes of my confidence settle on the metal skeleton of my bed
where my dreams once laid in my pillows,
and my body language was captured in my mattress.
Where the fire started from the hurt and pain you caused
that ignited my flammable tears.
The room created in my mind to comfort the memories of you,
of us held inside.
All burning to ashes scarred and chalked black
the walls which held the pictures my irises took.
And yet some of those memories are still burning
with embers at their corners refusing to burn to ashes.
Refusing to let me forget.
Constantly rekindling themselves to make me remember what I felt.
What I feel.
But I don't want to burn out.
Not yet.

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