Burning pain consumes my brain..

The kiss of tormenting fire,
Scorches my hopeless desires.
Day after day my eyes melt
Pools of teary blood.
I cry unto the Lord,
Deliver me from the sword!
Why sit I here alone,
Till I wither and become a pile of bones.
I looked to a friend,
One to help my wounds amend.
And lo, I had none.
I looked where to hide,
Yet there was no place to abide.
The grave swallows me whole,
My flesh is burnt with coals.
Daily I die in war,
The battle wages sore.
I put on a mask,
To seal my hearts pained flask.
A single fish in the sea,
Life on display and no where to flee.
Oh that I were a bird,
Then shall I go and never again be heard.
Oh that I were ant,
Then would I bury myself far below the plants.
Oh that my wounds would close,
Then would have I arose.
But I am afflicted and poor,
My eyes weep an oceans store,
Oh my God, deliver my spirit.
Let it be told that the Lord hears it.
Or let me sink into the pit,
For life I’m not fit.
Oh God, hell is my cloak,
In sorrows I am soaked,
Oh God, hear my cry,
Lest I eternally die.

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