Burning Sunset

Standing in the rain,
I watch the burning sun set.
Because the way I live my life,
Makes me upset.
As I wish there was a way,
That I could go back.
Lost is all I am,
And lost is what I'll stay,
Cause all that's in my mind,
Is sad, dark, desolate, and gray.
Each day pushing myself through pain,
Till the day my life will be erased,
And nothing will be able to pass through my brain.
Tears, blood, and sweat,
Is what courses through my veins,
And if it didn't,
I wouldn't be the man I am today.
Through lessons and punishments,
I've been shaped,
But if I look into a mirror,
Nothing is what I'll see for my face,
Cause within my heart,
It's gone blank,
And the only emotion I have left now,
Is hate. -Jack McCloskey

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