Burnt Ice

There we are as cold as ice
Asking me to love you
And after be your friend
There you are, I walk alone
Telling me to love you
And after we all did?
You Told me you'd forgiving me
A lifetime Love forever true
But she left me for another man
And I'm writing to keep from feelin' blue
Here I am so all alone
And I am so sad and lonely
Tell me what will I do
I can't explain, I'm all alone
You used to love me
I feel I'm your blue

They told me you should move along
Of happy with your feelin' blue
Ive been writing for so very long
Still holding on to you
tell me what should I do
And i know what that might be that me and u are through
But nothing can separate us we're as thick as glue
And when I go away I promise I'll always just be thinking about you

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