Burry The Bones?

Moving at the speed of light,
then crashing oh so right.
This desert is no home,
but perhaps I could burry the bones.
I've never seen this place before
but I'm loving the way it takes the hurt,
destroying it into ashes.

I am changing too, becoming weathered.
How long have I been here?
I should've known better.
But there's something quite mesmerizing
in this form of fighting.
Perhaps it were quicker yesterday,
but destroying still are the flames.

It really can't be this easy.
Guess I was in a desperate way.
Because I am unraveling from the dust
and what I see has become darker than the other day.

There's something wrong here, its not a place to go.
Should've listened to my instinct, should've fuckin known.
This desert holds only broken stones.
No, not a place to burry the bones.

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