Burying The Hatchet of Pain

Dig, dig, dig
Put that hole in the ground
Leave the dirt in a pile
Now fill that hole with all your pain
Cover it up with mounds of dirt
Then walk away like you were never dirty
What did you learn?
Do you feel lighter?
Probably not
Because this is impossible
We carry our pain around like weights
Adorning ourselves will all our woes
What else can we do?
When the pain we can’t get right of
Torments our life
Ripping it to shreds breath by breath
I’m so sorry to fool you
But for Life’s storm, there is no umbrella
Feel the rain
Embrace your pain
Walk in your path fearlessly
You were meant to grow your soul for eternity
Don’t be afraid
Even if all your pain feels like a big weight
You’re going to carry that weight for a long time
Through the storm, you’ll dance & parade
Learning life lessons for the big release
On the day your happiness will be realized
As you're marching along
You’ll suddenly feel a bit lighter
Then you’ll know
You’ve released that weight

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