Bus Bugs

Waiting patiently for the bus,
while standing at the stop,
it’s just the two of us,
we pay our fare, and sit up top,
we take our seat,
and look out of the window,
a black bug flies around, it’s wings furiously beat,
it’s a hot and humid day you know,
there’s all sorts of insects buzzing around,
green ones, black ones and some without wings,
creeping and crawling on the ground,
some with spines, others with stings,
big ones, little ones and medium sized ones too,
all shapes and sizes, and colours as well,
one of the horrible things slithers across my shoe,
they crawl up the glass, as I watched with intrigue as one fell,
midges, fly’s and other’s that I don’t know,
only live at the front of the bus,
they whiz about in their unique insect style show,
they serve no real purpose, except to annoy us,
an aerial attack by a wasp and a bee,
as other passengers recoil in fear,
I make my escape, and down the stairs I flee,
off to the pub for a pint, guess what? there’s a bug in my beer!

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    This Poems Story

    Travelling on buses on a daily basis, you tend to see many insects on the upper deck by the front window, so that is how this poem came about.