Small businesses turn into big franchises.
Small Dreams turn into big stories.
An escape from real world problems.
An investment in stock leads to soaring high stress levels.
Morning coffee Leads to caffeine freak.
Now and days High school leads to a 13 reasons why??
You could be a Hannah baker in every state I’ll be your clayJensen
Before you die.
The Savior you always needed it but never got the chance to meet him.
No, I am not Justin or Jessica just your regular, clay Jensen
Yes I sat back and found myself not knowing what my part was.
But I secretly loved Miss Hannah Baker.
Poetry should’ve been Hannah escape but the deepest things just can’t be replaced.
I guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
Raw no backwoods and peppermint herbs blow off like a Mustang engine.
We hurt the people that love us but love the people that hurt us.

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    This Poems Story

    My poem is about how you can live in a house that tells 3 different story’s but the last child blossom into something glorious,through the story of her struggles. Businesses mean in my poem mean the stardom of pain but and end in happiness.