Take a moment to enjoy the boredom.
Lavish in the almost done candle or
long walks through the neighborhood
letting the mind trickle through the
dregs of coffee or tea.
In between the last cup and the next
pause, take out the trash or decorate the
tree, relish that warm blanket on
the couch. Leave the dangerous dreams

Not forever, just for a little while.

Follow the train's gentle rocking
side to side, an infant again. Still
green in the world to come after
this we have to find the lid, and
the bowl all over again
So. Sit. Entertain the anorexic
daydreams once set aside for work,
play with your beard and the conversations
with strangers. This is the closest
one gets to the garden of Eden
because nobody knows our sins, here.
Let that be a kind of freedom.

Not forever, just for a little while.

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