But for the Grace of God

We complain of the work to keep our homes tidy and neat,
Instead of being thankful we're not living in the streets.
We complain to a waitress when our food's not quite right,
Not thinking of those who won't be able to eat tonight.

We are always buying fancy new clothes to wear,
While many are wearing discards that are worn and threadbare.
We complain that our paycheck is way too small,
While thousands try to survive with no pay at all.

When the weather turns cold we relax and warm our feet,
Ignoring those with no coats, no means of warm heat.
When we don't get our way we get angry and pout,
While many settle for things others throw out.

We call ourselves Christians then face the other way,
When we see the less fortunate every day.
It's time to open our eyes and take a good look around,
Reach out a hand and help up those who are down.

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