But I Am Not Proud

I woke up-
Today my body was no longer mine,
it was everyone’s.
Today my health was put at risk,
over a senates Christian views,
abortion is a choice and I do not belong to a religion.
Today my best friend told me she woke up violated,
she was home alone and someone broke in,
it went to court and the judge gave him 3 months since he was a “good kid”
Today my sisters got bullied because they were “too dark”,
because “it could rub off on the white kids”,
“they don’t belong here”,
why are kids acting like this?
Today my neighbor was shot in his yard,
a cop shot first and never asked questions,
he was a family man who had a young daughter,
but someday sadly she will know the reason daddy never came home.
Today my friend went to school,
she was 15 and never left alive,
the last thing she saw was the classmate she was trying to protect,
the last thing she heard was the gun shot that ended her life.
Today I was asked what being American meant to me.
Today I realized it means a lot of bad things,
women’s healthcare is in danger,
her body is not hers anymore.
Today I realized it means my colored peers have to watch every step they take,
living in fear of dying at the hands of racism,
that there is a difference between the quality of a person because of their skin tone.
Today I realized parents live in fear,
knowing their kids could die any day at school,
never growing up, never driving, never getting married,
never having the chance to know if anyone else is ok.
Today I realized I am American, but I am not proud.

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