But You Are a Candle

They tell me I'm too old to be so shy
So I am no longer shy
I am no longer quiet
My life has been forever changed
By the words of those who seem brave
But sometimes it's those who cry most who are the strongest
The soldiers in a battle against themselves
The times that tell you things can't be reversed
Make you feel as if you have been cursed
You've lost those who mattered most to you
Why must the best go first?
And then you start to wish you'd never been birthed
But you are a candle,
And despite the fact that many have attempted to blow out your light
You still remain shining bright
I believe you can win this battle, this fight
Have faith..
I think you'll make it out alright

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This Poems Story

This poem is about feeling as if you're at war with yourself, wishing you never existed. Your life is some kind of precious candle. And everybody tries to get rid of your light, but you remain strong even through some of the worst times.