It was all for you.
Everything was always for you.
Now you lie in self-doubt content with that feeling?
How dare you say you love me?
How could you love me?
You hate the only part of me that I have fallen in love with.
You are the only part of me I have ever loved.
I saw things in you that I never realized were in me as well.
I loved you so much that I forgot to hate myself.
Everything was always for you.
You made me love myself because for once you were apart of me.
Your perfectness that I admired had finally shined upon me
And yet you doubt the one thing I love about myself?
You can't see yourself the way I see you but my God if you could...
You'd never be able to look at yourself the same way ever again.
You wouldn't be able to hate yourself.
You'd see the perfection that I was always able to see.
You were a butterfly.
Your wings were always vibrant and glowing with creation and beauty.
However, you never could see it.
Only others could see just how magnificently amazing you were.
Maybe if you could have seen what everyone else had seen...
Maybe then you'd still be here.
Maybe you'd be content with just knowing,
Knowing that everyone else loved everything about you.
Maybe you'd still be alive.
It was always for you.
It just wasn't enough.

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