Mum said happiness is a butterfly
If you wait for it, it will flutter by
Yet you shall never force it onto your hand
Wait patiently, allowing it to land
Balanced just on the very top of your finger
Cherish it, and it is likely to linger
Bear in mind though it, too, does eventually fade
Just as love must sometimes give way to hate

Even with all the good things condemned to be fleeting
Know they may be revived by a heartfelt greeting
As simple a gesture as a real smile
A promise, a word and the wink of an eye
May suffice to teach broken wings how to fly;
Because flying is what they are meant to do
Blessings carried by butterflies, spread by you
It is those who care who'll never endure
For a heart that shares will never be poor

And over time you will come to believe
That only when you give will you ever receive
You must teach your own wings to fully unfold
By releasing the treasures and gifts you hold
Until one day you feel it loosening your bond
When you leave the sweet earth you have walked upon
All of your butterflies will wake to carry on

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