It Will Be Okay.
I speak returning from the deepest of Hellholes.
Your skies will be blue again.
I say this after enduring storms of agonizing pain.
A lightening bolt struck dangerously close to my bedroom window.
A night owl sees the morning with roaring Oceans in a vacation condo.
Inspiration struck lightening-swift…I saw it as a sign.
The storm ended with a rainbow over the Sea.
It Will Be Okay.
Inner power is key.
The Sun will come back.
The good thoughts will fill your brain.
Don’t be a sorrowful caged bird.
Why does the caged bird sing?
Because It Will Be Okay.
Trust me on this one.
Love every minute of your life.
No matter your current situation or location.
Your mind is a beautiful butterfly.
And butterflies are free to fly, fly high away.
So shed your cocoon for the promise of infinite escapes.
Use your mind to finally leave the nastiest of places.
A cocoon is too dark of a place to reside.
Let those crawling caterpillars of negative brain matter feel a revolution!
It Will Be Okay.
Butterflies will fill your mind’s most ugly holes.
Relax and give a big smile.
Be brave, for you’re beautiful.
My heart leaps up when you break free.
If you do this, myself with the Sunshine of my Soul I will truly give.
If I survived for anything, it was to tell you It Will Be Okay.

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