Butterflies & Rainbows

Butterflies.rainbows.sunshine so bright.
The glories of Heaven, what a beautiful sight.
No worries.no sickness.no tears of despair.
My friends and my family, all kneeling in prayer.
We've been born again angels, into God's Holy Land.
And today we'll all walk on Heaven's gold sand.
The beaches, the ocean, the birds in the sky,
Sparkle like diamonds, and the tears in your eye.
The sounds of the weeping and crying I hear.
The sound of the laughter, just to knowing we're here.
Life is eternal; it never will end.
I am so glad that you listened.my family.my friend.
Our future is endless, God's plan is untold.
We must wait, and we'll watch, till the scroll is unrolled.
God will reveal what our next life will be.
In the land He has chosen, deep under the sea.
This Heaven existed from the beginning of time,
Under the mountains He gave us to climb.
But God chose to hide it till His plan was made clear.
Today is the day we have nothing to fear.
God filled it with water when He flooded this earth.
And He left it all sealed till our second rebirth.
Its location was safe; man couldn't exist.
In a valley so deep, it would always be missed.
Today's the first day of our life in God's land.
Come with me and walk, and I'll hold your hand.
This life is forever; it can never be lost.
Eternity's price was paid on the Cross.

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