Once upon a time,

Years ago,
She was in the
never-ending fight
for her life.
The world seemed to
be working against her:
an abusive parent always
kicking her while she was down,
bullies at her school,
friends turning their backs on her,
battling depression,
and yet she always managed
to wear a smile
to show another sad soul
that no matter where life hits you,
you have to let the light in
and shine.

Never did she give up,
for that was not who she is.
And as time flew by
she stood powerful,
embracing the pain of her past
knowing that although her past
does not define her,
but is the building blocks of
who and how she is.

For her world has changed,
into anew where she is a
helpful and guiding force to
those whom seek her aid.
As though she is a butterfly,
bright and beautiful
after her transformation.

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