I heard the sound of a butterfly's wings
It whispered tales of new worlds, and wondrous things
So far removed from a caterpillar's tale
It embraced flowing winds like a voyager's sail
I heard the sound as it swooped close to me
A tender reminder of who I should be
Rejecting the fear of doubts crippling creep
Accepting great destiny with the same type of leap
I heard the sound those beautiful wings made
A caterpillar's metamorphosis, and it was not afraid
I chuckled with a smile...
the sound of two tiny fluttering wings took my breath
I chuckled at the notion...
something so small putting huge reluctance to death
The wings flapped so quickly making it hard to believe
That pretty wings formed completely in a cocoon it did weave
A cocoon symbolizing a darkness concealed
Butterfly wings symbolizing a new me revealed.

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