By Any Means Necessary

I wasn't there to see with my own two eyes
As the Reverend Dr. King marched to better our lives.
He had a dream that has yet to come true.
He did everything he could. There wasn't much more that he could do.

Rosa Parks took a seat so we could take a stand.
She gave us the ammunition so we can fight as long as we can.

Malcolm X preached "hate," so we were told,
Only to learn the truth as the story unfolds.
He didn't know the truth because he was blinded by lies.
Preach on Minister X. Rise. Rise. Rise!

We as a whole must realize our history
Instead of killing each other and living in misery.
I love you my brothers and sisters but we must change something
Or everything our ancestors fought for will go for nothing.

I have a dream to chase no matter how much my feet hurt.
I'm going to take that dream and take it for what it's worth.
I will get there and I will do so in a hurry.
And I will get there by any means necessary'

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