By Any Other Name

By JennB   

When the world declares a thing mighty—to be strong and powerful as well,
We give it a name so feminine, we give it the name of a female.
Ships and bombs and planes, storms and giants of all kinds,
We name them a woman’s name. It’s what usually comes to mind.
Maybe we do it ironically, to name something so forceful and bold,
A name so soft and sweet rather than a name so hard and cold.
Or maybe we do it because we know exactly where strength lies.
We know the truth and give a nod to women strong and wise.
Whatever our reasons for doing this, whatever our motive may be,
Why then do we do the opposite and treat women so differently?
The most strong and mighty and powerful, the women most surely wise,
We degrade and insult and bully and tell them to tone down what’s inside.
We tell them it’s too much or too loud. We force them to squash part of who they are.
In favor of less overwhelming traits and say, “Don’t take it too far.”
So please don’t tell me to be quiet. Don’t tell me to not speak my mind.
Don’t tell me I can’t do that or I should just follow behind.
The more you tell me to be quiet, the more you tell me to change,
Is the moment I become as big as the storm you wanted to call by my very name.
Don’t dismiss the power we hold, or our soft side for weakness at all.
We’ve learned when to be quiet and when to be ten feet tall.
You might learn a lesson from us on when to use might and force,
And when to use love instead—which is even mightier, of course.

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