By Candlelight

It's so comforting to write by candlelight.
For instance there's no one to say this is wrong, or no one to say this is right.
The candle certainly didn't ask for it to be lit, nor needed anyone to ask it.
But comes in handy for our daily need.
And sometimes by candlelight i use to write or just to read.
The scented, frangrance there's gazillions of your favorite's to choose.
Whether scented or plain you can't lose.
Sometimes two or three will do.
They could be very relaxing, i know even at times they're sentimental.
The aroma and frangrances alone can really bring about brand new.
So what is it about the candlelight especially when it's lit.
Does it helps us to meditate better alone than with other people?
Is it the light that's drives us to it's flicker.
Or the candle within itself, or maybe the wicker.
How many times have we all actually used our favorite candle.
Do we keep it in a little box or tucked away on our shelves.
But the one whom invented it, made it important enough for us to care.
Carved or frayed all styles and designs a dare.
Even to write by one has become my favorite.
Many tales have been told, i'm sure many more will be written.
And i'm sure there were thousands used in faraway Castles.
I confess when i write by candlelight, it gives me great vision.
Why is something so small, that brings something so significant.
These are my very own thoughts when i write by it.
Relaxing as it is, and the delicious scent.
It reminds me sometimes of home memories, that use to exist.
So find the time to do this one thing, not necessarily for anyone else.
Today, tonight or tomorrow, but just for yourself.
Some may find it to be even therapeutic.
Whenever you do,
today, tonight or tomorrow,
It all starts with you.

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This Poems Story

By Candlelight is a poem i actually had in mind but only came true when the snow storm came knocking the power out in every home on my street. Then using candles for light seems important and handy in times of need.