By chance

Where can she be? I often wonder, having meticulously searched,
I now hurt ever more from her constant absence,
that one lovely missing fragrance, not a lingering trace left,
maybe cradled in the heart of another, left ailing restlessly upon
these fallen tears, I suppose any further pursuit may come by chance,
while my wandering feet doing me no good having expanded my search,
that one missing star no longer around, upon many lonesome walks, I
again suppose, worn by long-ago seasons having slipped by unseen,
towards my unyielding quest, my bones ache daily, my cries carried off
by the ceaseless wind, hopeful those words might reach your ears someday,
I am but some flightless bird in my own night, having come to terms; I suppose
once more us never meant to be, I don't want to suppose.

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