By Myself But Not Alone

I took a walk by myself but I was not alone
Thinking and wondering about the path my life was on
I thought I couldn't change it
There was no going back
Until I raised my head and realized where I was at.
Standing here on this road I have traveled many times
But when I looked up
There was a different sign.
It stated very clearly that the road was now closed
To get to my destination a different path must be chose.
Not knowing where to go
Or knowing what to do
I got to my knees and I prayed to you.
I raised my hands to the heavens
And spoke your name on high
I never heard an answer
I waited for a reply
Feeling alone and scared I stood up to walk away
Until I heard a voice yell out
"Detour This Way"
I followed the man to a path,
A path I did not know
And when I turned to thank him
He was gone but I was not alone.

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