By Myself, But Not Forever

I dance by myself
And although it is fun,
I better like dances that
Include another one.
Another person to swing.
Another person to twirl.
A person who will lead,
Making the world whirl.
I write for myself,
But I pray for another.
Not my parents, not those "friends",
Not my sisters nor my brothers.
But someone I can show my words,
And be proud of my rhymes.
Show them my journey,
the syllables and times.
I need a tall husband
Whom I may respect.
But I will never quite
Know what to expect.
Tall people are rare,
Special, too.
I will know when it's him,
Just not what to do.
I will write and sing days
In and out on my own.
So one day they will glitter
Where the light is shown.

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Journal 12/1/18