By the Sea Shore

The shore seems to be calling me.
This scalding sand having me hostage in its hands.
Keeping me sustained from this temptation of mine.
So I continue walking.
As I walk these sandy paths I come across pricks and beautiful objects.
These objects that I quickly hold dear to me.
Even those that I only get cause others seem to reach for it.
Over time...I start noticing the blankness each in my arms has.....letting all those I love but keeping those others do.
Same shape, size, color.
This pile seems to bare me down....reminding me of the sand holding me to the ground.
Slowly...I realize that the shore seems to be having more of a sweeter melody that lifts me gives me hope.
But again these shells seem to embrace me away.
Stealing my affection away.
This false affection.
I keep walking.
Today the melody seems to get bigger.
It's movements more intense, dancing back and forth.
My heart matches these movements as I finally feel a sense of...temptation.
Slowly dropping these shells in my hands as I head to the cliff near the shore.
As I reach to the top I feel a sense of lightness.
As I step off the lightness was a lie as the weight of before dragged me towards the shore.
Then I remember...I can't swim

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This Poems Story

It is about a girl walking through life but picking up her interest as you go. Yet through her walk, she starts picking up interest others like and in the end she rather listens to the shore and escapes society(leading to her death).