By The Sea

I found him on the road
I’d left small things behind
No injury or tragedy opened
The road. It came in a dream
A ballad filled with purgatorial screams.
The Steady wait and wait
Until unfulfilment scrapes them out
My monkey-brain burning, inside out.

Long stretches leading everywhere
I hoped time would stop out there
He was a wanderer like me
Unable to let go, burning bridges
To be free. Control cries in tears
Of anchors cast down deep
No matter how far he ran
He’d find a landlocked grave, dirt or sand.

Walk farther not faster dear
Was all he said when I came near
I pled for him to hold on until
The sun could steady Hades’ chill.
I’d come so far and could not see
Why time would not once be kind to me
But farther would I walk to find
The keys to doors that line my mind.

I followed his scattered foot prints
That gust of Heaven could not fade.
All the time knowing with full-heart
How little time, before I am swallowed
By shade. Still I’d like to know
If my crimes, laid next to his
Measured and matched, a partner in sin?
But here all things he dreamed for me
Are buried with him now, by the sea.

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