Bye For Now

I'm not staying, I'm sorry, but I'm done
I was your friend if you needed me -but you were my number one.

I moved everything aside, and gave you first place in my heart
But I knew you'd never love me, even from the very start

I tried to talk to you and tell you how I feel
Because you captured my heart though it was never yours to steal

I thought that if I stayed, things would change
But you became someone who I swear I don’t know, distant and strange

So I'm done trying
I'm sick and tired of hurting and crying

I'm done hating myself just because you don’t see more in me
I will be myself and live my life and one day I hope it breaks your heart to see-

That at one point in time, a long time ago,
I loved you with my everything and I didn’t want to go

But know that I still love you, forever
And I'll be here if you need me, whenever

But I'm moving on for now
Maybe I'll run into you someday--somehow.

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