C-Lo Crude-O

On the anniversary of Hitler's death
Face it; he had to be on meth
You pushed yourself into my life again
Spit on us and forced your blend
My anger is excruciating and extreme
Lit my candles and gazed into my crystal ball
My only purpose was to impose your fall
Within 17 hours you were sent
Back to the hell and time warp you bent
As proof my Easter lily bloomed
One for your death and one for your doom
The air is sweeter and lightness abounds
We were never, nor could be your F*Clown
I hope you eternally gag in your ocean grave
Recognize, we are the tried, the true,
The Home of the Brave

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This Poems Story

On April 30, 2011 I was a waitress at a seafood restaurant in Cheyenne, Wyoming. During our Saturday dinner rush, they chose to inflict their insensitivity and non-empathetic behavior on us all. They left their table and publicly knelt and prayed by our fire door. The sense of loss and gut-wrenching indignation was palpable by my fellow Americans. When I'm overwhelmed with emotion and feel impotent as to a course of action, I write poetry. It's my attempt to release the anger and cleanse my soul. Imagine my surprise when I learned what occurred the next day. Talk about poetic justice!