Cabby; Ride Your Way

uptown, downtown, crosstown, back
subway, highway, Broadway hack
one for the Opera, one for the show
one for the movie, just one more to go
strangers of all types just cruising along
some want silence, others a song
yellow, red, black, or white
money’s green so I won’t fight
man, woman, boy, girl, other
all can ride in this cab my brother
whether sun, snow, rain, or wind
same old route, each familiar bend
some are truculent, others love to talk
either way I’m good and shall not balk
tales I’ve been told of joy and pain seen
some quite nice, others quite mean
people will open up sometimes to a stranger
tell me of their life or assuage their anger
perhaps I should take a clue from Lucy Van Pelt
charge for listening whilst my brain melt
the doctor may be in for a measly five cents
but in this session the windows have vents
runaway brides, tourists just looking
some a plane trip on the way to booking
businessmen on way to close a big deal
loving couple just out for a meal
I’ve met all kinds in this metal microcosm
from every walk of our huge macrocosm
sometimes perfume makes me sneeze
it’s a rat race daily to get the cheese
hoping next fare is cute or at least nice
not some sweaty ape with a tobacco vice
whether curt or sweet I nod and smile
you ride your way at $4.50 per mile

Ooh, a fare. Where to my friend?
This one’s for Harry. May he fly high.

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Key Words : Taxi, Cab, Inspiration, Relationship

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This Poems Story

Just nostalgia surfacing after listening to Harry Chapin’s song ‘Taxi’