Cadillac Kate

From behind the bed/chair, I could see the red hair
And she didn't really look that great;
Then she opened her eyes, and to my surprise,
I was looking at Cadillac Kate!

It was back in eighty-two that Katie joined the crew
At the Sanibel Friday Night Meeting
I recall her sailing in, wearing a sly grin,
And then kissing us all in her greeting

She said, "I just got here, 'though my car threw a gear
And is back in a Georgia shop"
We were all enthralled, and as I recall,
She'd left it with a Valdosta cop

Well, she flew to Valdosta (God knows what it cost her)
And picked up her car, and her cop
So that's how Kate got her new name and mate
But, now it was about her last stop

As I reminisced, she asked to be kissed
So I came close to her cheek, and said "Kate"
I touched her bare shoulder, felt it get colder
But my kiss, alas, was too late

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This Poems Story

I was born in Keene, NH in 1924. I served in the US Army in China and Germany from March 1943 to September 1948 and graduated from North Eastern University as a mechanical engineer in 1953. I moved to Florida in 1978. My wife, Evelyn, has lived in a nearby nursing home since April, 2004. I stay busy and alert selling old books and ephemera on Ebay. When I see something that is interesting and moving, I write a poem about it.