I was born in a cage,
I was grounded for most of my age.
I wanted to go out in the sky,
As I was unknown to the fact that I can never fly.
Whenever I looked from the bars of my rage,
I wondered if I could ever go out of my cage.
From birds like me I've heard,
That I was hatched by the sun,
As no one to teach me how to fly,
Everyone thought I cannot live an independent life.
My life was boring in a cage,
As I cannot see varieties from the bars of my rage.
So once, when my owner came to clean my cage,
I ran out as I was fed up from my life in a cage.
As I wanted to chase my dreams,
I jumped from the pedestal where my cage lied.
As It was the first time I tried to fly ,
I failed to go high, instead I fell down.
And lost my life cause I jumped from a height
My poor soul was wandering between heaven and sky,
My afterlife was not as great as I've expected.
But suddenly I was flying in the beautiful sky
My afterlife changed and so did I.
When I glanced at a reflective surface I saw nothing
And I realized I was nothing but an imagination
Of someone who wants to be in the sky but is in a cage

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