Lost one morn in sincere haze
Before the dawn and break of day
I dreamt a fallout, a colossal fray
The world was swept, swept away

Now not by water, nor by fire
Our cities weren't drowned or wasted in pyre
There were neither great triumphs nor discords in prior
The honest were moved and so was the liar

The undoing was sourced in a unison tilt
A dissatisfaction for what we have built
A final disclaim of blood that was spilt
Disowning the past for fear of the guilt

When soon I was fading from that ruinous place
A cairn stood before me, as ancient as day
It branded the very first loss in our way
Stone upon stone, the structure would stay

After I woke, I dressed in the night
Ascended the nearest mountain in sight
I built up a cairn as tall as my height
And watched as the dawning embraced it with light

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This Poems Story

I grew up as one of eight children, second to the youngest. Currently, I am studying political science at the undergraduate level and plan to pursue a graduate degree in public administration. My writing is usually inspired by what I experience alongside what I seek to change in the world. This particular poem was started while remembering a hike to the top of Mount Bailey in Oregon: It developed into a political poem expressing my concern for the current period within America's political narrative. My deep faith in God will always inspire a hopeful conclusion in my writing.