Cake and Frosting

Society one is the aggregate of people
living together in a more or less ordered community.
Society two is an organization or club formed for
a particular purpose or activity.
Society one is a vanilla cake that is plain.
Society two is the frosting that is sane.
Cake has a standard that mustn't be changed.
The slightest mishap and you are considered deranged.
To be considered a cake, you must have all the correct ingredients.
Luckily for frosting they were never obedient.
Frosting can be anything you desire.
There is no right or wrong, everyone is a survivor.
As an individual, we think we have to meet society's expectations.
It is imprinted in our minds we are a horrid creation.
Only I can determine what is right for me.
Belonging to society two has set me free.
I have no worries of what society one has to say.
They will no longer turn my high blues to a low gray.
As a whole, we are just one society.
We do not have to accommodate nor weep silently.
If we assimilate the concept of having world peace,
a bulk of first world troubles will be at a cease.

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