Calculating Destruction

Calculating Destruction
Cloak me from them.
Protect my body.
Guard my mind.
Shield my baby.
Save my soul maybe.
Purify my essence.
Cleanse my holy presence.
Worship my fetus.

Love this place of ours we need it.
Evil intentions be gone & erase.
Honor the deserving.
Know who they serving.
Police are suppose to protect & serve.
My 3 years of rape is low priority.
More then 25 years pasted.
I guess time matters when you want to report it.
At 12 years old how was I suppose to know what to do?
I couldn't work or drive.
I guess I was quiet to stay alive.
I never said nothing even after it left.
How was I to ever know when it might return.
They just arrest or harass or search your car.
Laws can't prevent it protect.
Sometimes they can't fix what's damned.
Respect everyone's children & pets.
Mine or yours is equally precious.
Prevent evil & avoid what is bad.
Rescue them from danger.
Protect & guide unfortunate creations to be safe.
Teach the mentally challenged common sense.
Help to communicate with the deaf by writing.
Help the blind with what they need to find.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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