Calling Out Virtually the Isolating Demon! (C.O.V.I.D)


Being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely.
Being lonely doesn't mean I'm alone.
Have had these feelings when young and now grown.
Like a thief in the night, it crept on the scene.
A spirit stealing burglar called "quarantine".
It said it's not new, it's been here before,
Now forcing us all to lock every door.
It won't let you in, it won't let me out.
I cry for understanding, how did it come about?
My mouth never opens but there it is again.
Oh God please help me. No peace, no Zen.
Alas I begin to yearn for the touch of another.
Touch me, hold me, with kisses smother.
I ask over and over, why so mean?
This intangible demon called "quarantine".
You've backed me into a tight space.
My footprints out in the world, gone without a trace.
Your gift of isolation you've given me,
Threatened to steal my sanity.
But behold it's you I Will devour,
Been granted strength from a higher power.
Now take your loneliness and vacate the scene!
Winner me! Loser, "quarantine".

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