Calliope’s Children

Incidentally the transcendentalists, Making references to the benevolence you contain the essence I've needed just to breathe
You lack a biblical religious agenda and I am rather relieved
Instead bring them together
Let us just combine our energies as one United being
The most brutal of barbarians left their mark on humanity
We cease this corruption and claim instead your destruction
Utilizing inception over deception
Knowing is power were slowly shoveling to Earths greatest treasures Elixir Vitae
And the Truly Strong revived the passion of life
We hold these truths to be self-evident
What proof bear you to be so self evident
Truths are not your assumptions
Self evidently
The nature of the Truth is that it is our true Nature

Mortality does not equate to eternity - you cannot erase energy - it will only morph

Grim will knock at your door and if you haven't opened it already to Love then you will inherit a wasteland of fire and ash
I am a mountain formed by a volcano and birthed by the grassy knolls, a seedling watered and fertile for obliteration or liberation
This is all of our burdened choice unfortunately
Usually we do not realize that there is one- or the other.
My home I shall not return to again until my mortality meets divinity's eternity.
Solitude educates- it heals Surpassing any other method
The lonely company of ignorance, never a blissful relief

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