Calm Before The Storm

The hot summer air is almost unbearable,
my comfort is in the hammock under the shade of gourd trees,
with my eyes closed I can hear the sounds of the birds,
smell the smells of summer: scent of smoke, sweat, sunscreen.

Everything goes quiet.
Open my eyes, look around.
The air is calm, the sparrows all flee.
Summer sounds spin to silence.
No animals in sight, I feel a slight breeze, the light turns dark.

Confused, I look up black clouds moving in.
The wind gets stronger as I feel a drop of rain on my head
as I start for the safety of the house,
when a gust of wind pushes me back. Oh--how fast it all changed.

A rush of rain soaks me before I make it inside.
It is noon, but the dark skies make me think differently.
I watch as my hammock moves in sync with powerful winds,
I hear the thunder roll in as the rain pours down.
I dry my hair while the drops hit my window.
This rain is not going to pass fast,
my beautiful day gone in an instant,
I grab my book and head for the couch,
and wait for this storm to leave me.

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