Calming an SVT

Pondering the side view of a woman off in the distance
I couldn't help but hear the beat of the drum decrescendo
As it got softer, the conductor called for accelerando
But I was still pondering her so the beat of the drum went ritardando
The drum softened my eyes, ears, lips, and all the things that go fuzzy when I listen
With this in mind, the band still continued to play loud
As the beat of the drum slowed down, the sound could now be heard from Jupiter
He wants her to here the drum because he is the one playing it
His heart reflects the drum, as does she
When he sees her, even pondering her side view from a distance, the drum slows down
As the beat softens, she finally turns, but to face away from him
Confused and upset, he does not hit the drum harder, but instead stops playing
She suddenly turns 180 to greet the drum player as she has wished for him to stop since he started
She just wanted to say how much she loves the sound of a slow moving drum
It soothes her, but reminds her of her own drum
The drum that reflected his when he was watching her
She was scared because nobody has mimicked her drum like he did
Together they could produce a symphony and a discordance
That's why she turned away and turned towards him so quickly
Her beat has softened so much that she can't even think about picking up the pace
She is content with where she is and how she is who she is
As for him, he asks too many questions to himself, but once his beat slows down again....
The symphony will commence

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