By evan   

My body shakes and my head pounds within.
The answer that I wish to share seems to be the reason that I am lacking air.
My heart goes rampant.
I attempt control.
And ever so slight a moment, the assault on my ribs halts.
My head rushes and time slows down.
The force resumes, revived by the in and seemingly cured by the out.
My theory true, my head goes numb and everything is okay again.
Once again to my dismay, my heart races.
I know the next out will give me relief but there will also be another in to follow.
It is devastating, almost as if the air reaching my brain was a poison, one that I cannot avoid.
I wish I could only have outs, so that my body not need be almost every one of my thoughts.

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This Poems Story

This story came from school. I am currently a student in 11th grade, at a school that is basically new to me. I came to the school last year but I took online classes the whole time. This is a story about how anxious I was for the first 2 weeks of In-person school. I had basically been alone in all my classes and I had barely been talking to anyone. I can recall numerous moments where I had been hyper nervous and I attempted to control my breathing and heartbeat by taking deep breaths in and out. As it says in the poem, When I would take a deep breath in, my heart would continue to beat quickly, and when I breathed out, I got temporary relief. It helped to calm me down a little but it also made paying attention in class harder because I had been focused on staying calm more than doing my actual work. So where I say, \"The answer that I wish to share seems to be the reason that I am lacking air\". It is referring to the anxiety that came to me when I went to answer a question in class.