I am everything to you, I make your life worth living
I make you happy, I make you hurt, I will make you envy
I can take away your most trusted friends
And have you sleeping with the enemy.
I make you smile in faces and frown behind backs
You'll think you're the only one whose got it like that
I make you believe lies told is the truth unfold
Making sure you keep your eyes wide shut and your ears closed
I make you whisper, I make you scheme
I love the fact that I can make you do anything
There were plenty of times I made you lose faith in the one above
I even got you to miss out on your one true love
It's because of me that you hate what you see
You hate who you are
You hate what you turned out to be
Like a fool you give me all of the power
I have all of the control
Over everything that makes you.mind, body, heart, and soul
You'll never guess who I am, even after I tell it won't matter
Because like I said before
I own you and all of your chatter.
I am calumny,I will play with your emotions
Mess up your priorities
And kill your destiny
I'm just coming through to remind you that you're nothing without me.

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