It’s just a place where criminals crackheads and low lifes live.

But little do they know it’s where art is

Did you know it’s where some stars used to live

They chose to take us off the map so no one would ever come back
Police, sirens, gunshots… it’s the lullaby for kids when they lay their heads down at night and say their prayers.

Now i lay me down to sleep

I pray to lord my soul to keep

Swerves of a car, curves of a mark, cracked mirrors..crack mirrors on the ground crunching under the feet… shards of glass going deep.
Scared to walk alone, you only have one priority, and that's getting home

See it's kind of hard to leave Camden, cause you have a lot of family there, some that’s blood some that’s not, some that only want you there for another dose of whatever you got
You see we gotta make a change, someone to voice everything out, someone that ain’t just there for the TV and clout

I've seen so many police searching for the weapon outside my window. Flashlight so bright, it substitutes as a nightlight.
When it gets dark, you gotta be careful, cause that’s when they come out...come out to play with weapons that ain't even theirs in the first place. But when they shoot it’s an accident. She was only 9 she had 9 more years until she went to college, she could’ve learned her lessons, made sacrifices, and received blessings, but you had to end her life 9 years early. You selfish… but only. In Camden

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