Camouflaged Soaring Bluejays

Seems to be, unfortunately, guns
and ammunition were created to defend;
instead of defending, it's an issue daily,
falling into the wrong emotional hands filled with
despair, emptiness, destruction, hopelessness,
as well as grudges and beyond residing in their past forevermore,
today, seemingly hopeless because of yesterday's continuous
deadly actions to reactions until the future
becomes null and void, deadened
reach all hands up to the gorgeous blue skies which were created
for all to consume such beauty in their scenery
help us Lord Almighty to continue to witness the blood of your
son bleeding through stones, bullets thrown,
flown in the mid blue sky's air,
as if the bullets have become disguised, camouflaged
as flying crows, hawks, or bluejays effortlessly
effortlessly penetrating into souls unknown
of their true destinies, capabilities, however,
time abruptly received its resignation notice
by breathing their very last breath,
for what, the whys always making breaking news in our own minds
blessed as all are blessed to live, breathe in,
to witness another day, another opportunity
all hearts of heartened hearts weep continuously
for the flying deathly,
deadly birds referred to as flying bullets, in the land of the free

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