Campionce Calidor

The sea is burning with all see of miss dear Campionce the capture to bleed of freedom. Those eyes burn blood hot fire in red there found. In the course of the smooth of the glowing pale touch skin you have. With to find a source within you I pick the brunette that is rising, made the choice to discover she to not hide it.

It is her anger in divorce to feed on the flesh of men and women also children. With her voice without me echo throughout the silver district city dream this. I can take it make now her in a fit of rage submergence the noise with her gone. It's been way to long for weeks in strong to bring her here to me.

It is deep on command the rape is slow with ropes overtaking with chains and hooks does the crow? Coming with it she knows the fantasy in the book.

That's iron bent galactic supernova metal sporadic wrecked car crash kit. The fix swells in the cosmos my last wishes have not happened. My blind hope waiting and mad sick has been of the return our unity. No dating racing across from unknown regions.
She will be passionate basket in bed full of such red the reason. In one with me with claws that scratch deep to seek out scrimmage; blood from our flesh pouring.

This is with no end she continuing to sink her teeth through my skin. It is now to be sowed to remain a human. I am becoming a fiend soon will brake as in her. Then the angel of despair under a fold now likes structure tougher. To let go these chapters bat wings in memories of them; of rain and disaster created suffer my aftermath.

In here after in fire rising up or the light in more above soar the sting of a past that I miss at last I have not said.

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This Poems Story

It is about Campionce Calidor. The angel of despair.