Can I

Do you like I want to
Lay you on your back, push deeper inside you
Biting on your finger, starting to feel the heat
Eyes rolling into the back of your head giving in to defeat
Can I start with four play that makes you weak
Tasting the sweetness of your love as your body begins to leak
Rolling your body to every thrust of my tongue on your clit
Your thighs locking around my neck when the orgasm hit
Looking down at you reaching for a pillow to hold
Nails digging into the mattress, pushing to the point of no control
Can I pull you on top, would you know what to do
Can you ride me non stop like you suppose to
And take it backwards, watching you go up and down
Make my toes curl while trying my damndest not to make a sound
Can I take you into the shower where we're both soak and wet
The steam so thick neither one of us can take how hot it'll get
Lifting you up against the tile wall, legs wrapped around me
Body slapping against the tile, letting our desires run free
My juices mixing with yours, sliding to the bottom of the tub
Spreading you out on the bed as your body I begin to rub
Can I do all these things to you and more
Can I take you home with me and show you what I got in store

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