Can I get a lift?

Evaluate a mistake I made to manipulate my fate.
A new day in age.
Everything is over.
I'll fight until I die to be all that is right.
Bridges burnt will be rebuilt.
Forgive me, as I forgive myself, can't live a life of guilt.
Apologies only follow me with an unspoken burden.
Witness this and dismiss negativity.
Assess the situation with a new face of obsession.
The lesson learned is relevant to my residence.
Self confidence is imperative to the relationship i have with my relatives. Related to honesty and honestly a fraction of rational compassion.
Empathy lies next to me unless you mess with me intentionally.
The exploration of what's in store exports a sensational realization of Restoration.
Some people you meet think that the taste of sugar is sweet.
Defeating a belief is releiving.

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