Can I Live

If I get gunned down someday, I guess that's just the way it goes. They don't care about us just another negro. Every day another brother lost from someone supposed to protect us. How can I feel safe in a world that's so defective? Walk outside and I could die. Cop won't even look me in my eyes. But he can shoot me in the head and get away cause he's the Feds. I'm no thug or a threat but all you see is color so don't follow where I step, I shouldn't die before my mother. Honors student, son, brother, uncle, and friend chasing a degree and long term benefits. You don't want me to succeed but God said I can be eminent. White supremacy and capitalism is an on going issue. Black lives matter we have to make it more official. No more bottom of the barrel where they want us at. It's time to take our black and put it back on the map. For the right reasons instead of all the negativity and hatred on the news. I wonder how life would be if everyone had open views.

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